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Spinning Babies® 
Body Ready Method®
Polarity Massage

Relax, relieve pain, and prepare your body for birth.

What is Spinning Babies®?

Namaste Birth is proud to offer Spinning Babies® Certified Aware Body Balancing sessions, for all expectant moms starting at or around twenty-four weeks of pregnancy.

Spinning Babies® Body Balancing can help relieve pain associated with pregnancy and help baby move into optimal alignment for a smooth birth.  Postpartum sessions with Spinning Babies and Polarity helps your body repair and realign.


Balancing can help sciatica, back & leg pain, insomnia, headaches, heartburn, and more. Birth partners are welcome to attend a session to learn how to help maintain alignment and comfort at home.​

Developed and conceived by midwife Gail Tully over 20 years ago, Spinning Babies® is an approach that uses maternal physiology and fetal positioning to add comfort in pregnancy, birth & beyond. Each session utilizes specific techniques to help bring balance and relaxation to the body and encourage optimal fetal position for a smooth, normal, and natural childbirth.


In addition to your bodywork session, we teach and review Spinning Babies® Daily Essentials to help maintain balance and optimal positioning at home.


Spinning Babies® Body Balancing sessions promote:

  • Increased comfort during pregnancy

  • Smooth progress and less pain in labor

  • Optimal fetal positioning through reduction of tensions and torsions in muscles and ligaments

  • Easier postpartum recovery

  • Help bring body back into alignment and heal postpartum 

Spinning Babies® Body Balancing sessions are beneficial for all moms-to-be and especially helpful to those carrying breech, transverse, or posterior babies. Movement and soft tissue techniques are used to help soften ligaments and loosen restricted fascia that ultimately makes space for baby to find its optimal position for a more comfortable pregnancy and birth.



Bodywork sessions are 60 or 90 minutes long. Wear comfortable clothing for your session.

A sports bra or tank top and either leggings or thin loose pants are perfect.


If you have a partner, we suggest inviting them to join at least 15 min of our session so they can learn how to help you feel more comfortable between sessions.​

60 minutes $130

90 minutes $170   

*If your baby is breech or transverse, please choose 90-minute session

New clients:

Please fill out the body balancing intake form


I've had chronic sciatica since I gave birth. I went to Lorie and tried the Spinning Babies massage, and it's not just's gone!  I am still in shock and wish I hadn't suffered all those years with pain.  I highly recommend trying this if you have any pain from your birth!

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