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Comfort in pregnancy.
Ease i
n birth.  

Spinning Babies®

Classes for Expectant Parents

​Too many parents tell me that they would have done something differently if they'd had more knowledge. I never want to hear that from the people I care for.  An educated birth is an empowered birth.

Stress, fears, and underlying blocks can make your conception, pregnancy, and birth process rocky.  Starting a new family & new chapter in your life is a much more joyful experience if you shed the old baggage and stories you are carrying. Get informed. It's so much easier to ask for what you want if you know what you can have. 

Spinning Babies® Parent Class (Birth Preparation)

Space is limited to 5 couples to allow time for individual practice and attention.
Complimentary group classes offered in Tucson and Glendale. 
See current class schedule here.
This is an active class - please wear comfortable clothes.
Bring your birth ball(s) and any tools you plan on using for labor.   We will use them and check that your birth or peanut ball is sized properly for you. 
You will receive a gift bag of tools to take home with you as well!
Private class - $155  
In your home!  Allows us to explore your home laboring space and create a routine for the rest of your pregnancy.

Want to be TRULY comfortable during pregnancy? Want to set yourself up for a simpler and more straightforward birth? This class is for you!


There is so much you can do IN PREGNANCY to help feel more comfortable. Just because something is "common" during pregnancy, does not mean it is normal and you have to put up with it! Come connect with your baby and body to learn ways to optimize fetal positioning and maximize your comfort.

During labor, baby needs to descend and engage into the pelvis. Come learn techniques to help open the different levels of your pelvis (there are 3!!), and help your baby "spin" into the best position for birth. Together, you and your birth partner will be able to apply this knowledge and positional work immediately and throughout labor to help “make room for baby!”

This class is for any pregnant body and any type of birth plan- medicated, unmedicated, cesarean, home birth, first time parents, third timers... Come join!

In this hands-on class, we will:

  • Share ways to stay comfortable in pregnancy. (It is possible!!)

  • Explore connections between birthing person, baby and partner.

  • Learn and practice Daily Essentials to help find length, space and ease within tight muscles that can encourage better fetal position and birthing person's comfort

  • Learn how The Three Balances℠ can help you in EVERY WAY!

  • Practice labor and birth positions that open the different levels of the pelvis to let the baby navigate through more easily​


NOTE: Pregnant person must be 20+ weeks and a labor support partner is requested to attend.

Complimentary Classes & Events

We are pleased to offer no-cost classes in Tucson and Glendale through our nonprofit organization:   Please check the page for our assorted classes and events.

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Thanks for joining!
Fitness Wear

Rebecca W.

Lorie helped me tremendously during my third pregnancy! My body aches were so bad I had trouble getting comfortable enough to sleep. Lorie would treat me with her Polarity energy work and my body would just release all of this tension and I would be able to easily drift off into sleep. 

Remember it's your birth.
Your life.
Your reality that you are creating.
You don't get a do-over, so make it the best it can be now.

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