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Making relaxation and peace a habit changes the way you respond to stress. An affirmation practice allows you to show up fully and with confidence and empowerment during your labor and birth.  Your mind is your staunch ally as you navigate the changes and miracles in your body.


Each unique kit is designed to promote openness, flow, ease, calm, and self-trust.


Your kit includes:


  • 8 affirmations cards to place throughout your home, office, or anywhere you regularly spend time.


  • A charm for practicing focus during pregnancy and using during labor.


  • Organic soy candle with enhancements specifically designed to aid with meditation and intention.  Each candle is different and includes scent, herbs, and special embellishments to promote continuity of thought.


For example - lavender buds & chamomile for calm and relaxation, shells represent gentle ebb and flow, purple represents crown chakra energy of opening to life force.  The important element is your intention and what you create for yourself. 


Birth Affirmation Kits

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