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Confident labor & birth, anyone?

Transformational Coaching with Lorie

This is it!  Here's the place where you commit to yourself and to me. You can download or fill out our agreement online. You will be sent a copy of your responses if you choose the online form.

When you book your package via Zoho, please choose your first session timing, and we will plug in the additional 4 slots together.


Lorie helps me believe more in myself. Mostly, she's intuitive, which I think is a "must have."   She pulls out the threads in my consciousness that are causing me problems, then we tap on them together and they diminish or disappear. Lorie is a natural. I feel blessed to have found her.

Let's Be Friends

I love sharing cool new things. Join my list for occasional blog updates & new videos. If you have a specific issue, make a request!  Yours might be the next video! 

Awesome! Looking forward to sharing with you!
Image by Anthony Tran

Remember it's your birth.
Your life.
Your reality that you are creating.
You don't get a do-over, so make it the best it can be now.

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